Minecraft Monument Progress Report #6 – Video Tour

XboxInsiderMinecraftIt’s time for another update on what’s been going on with the sub-forum of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition over on the Official Xbox.com Forum. A lot was built prior to Creative Mode, including the huge monuments that scale over trees and rooftops. However the World is now open again each week, and daily when the demand is in and has been switched to Creative Mode for all those crazy ideas of the Xbox.com Forum and Minecraft Community have swirling around in their 8bit noggins. Hit the jump to check out the Video Tour of the current World.

Be sure to play the video in 720p HD for the Best Quality. The World will be open once again this Saturday Night. If people would like it to be open prior then send me a message by hitting the Xbox LIVE icon to the left. If you would like more information then visit the Official Xbox.com Forums Pinned Thread in the Minecraft sub-section that can be found here.

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